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iGrandMaster 1.0: Chess on the iPhone – FAQ

How to delete saved games?

Strike over a saved game from left to right: a delete button appears.

What is die FEN notation?

The Forsyth Edwards notation describes a current position: where are the figures, who is moving, which castling options exist, and is there an en passant option capturing option?

See for a detailed description. The start position has the following FEN representation:

rnbqkbnr/pppppppp/8/8/8/8/PPPPPPPP/RNBQKBNR w KQkq - 0 1

With iGrandMaster you can mail the current position as FEN. A lot of other chess programs can import and export FEN positions.

What is PGN?

The Portable Game notation describes one or more chess games. Every move is represented in the SAN notation. Additional meta-information about the games can be added. But this feature is not supported by iGrandMaster yet. Also multiple games in one PGN is not supported by iGrandMaster.

You can use PGN's to communicate with other chess programs or to load famous games from the internet.

Where is the move history?

The move history will only be displayed, if the iPhone or iPod touch is in landscape display mode. Rotate the device by 90°.

The names are confusing me!

For each color a name can be specified. If no name is specified, a default name will be chosen. This depends on the current player of the color: a human or the iPhone or iPod touch. You reuse the default name by deleting names, that you have entered.

What is the history speed?

With this slider you can configure, how fast the history will be scrolled. A slower speed enables you to follow the game move by move. A higher speed allows you to reach beginning and end faster.

What are Blitz games?

In a Blitz level the maximum duration of a game is fixed. The time will be decreased. The first number in a level description specifies the number of minutes of the game. A second number specifies the number of seconds by which the game duration will be increased for each move.

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