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iGrandMaster 1.0: Chess on the iPhone – myGrandMaster

Build your own themes for iGrandMaster. The example archive includes all the files to describe a new theme.

After publishing the theme files on a web server, the theme can be installed on iGrandMaster by opening an URL of the following schema in MobileSafari:


The URL after url= must be replaced by an URL to the theme XML file.

Contents of the theme XML file

The theme XML file contains links to images and color information. The example file in the example archive contains detailed comments for the possible images and colors.

Images can be referenced with relative URLs.

You must not specify all values: for missing entries the values from the default theme will be used.

For example if you want to change only the board image and reuse the other elements from the default theme, you must to publish the new board image on a web server, that is reachable from your iPhone or iPod tocuch. That can be a server in your local network. Suppose the image is put to

A simple theme that only contains the board can look as follows:


If the thema XML file lays on the same web server as the image (in our scenario, the theme can be sipmlified:


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